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August 4, 2019
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USATThis is a U.S.A. Triathlon sactioned event. All entry fees include a one-day U.S.A.T. membership. Athletes providing their own U.S.A.T. membership number will have $15 deducted.

Age Group: athletes will race by age. U.S.A. Triathlon rules, an age is determined by how old a participant is on December 31st of the race year.

Clydesdale-Athena: athletes compete based on their weight. Men weighing 220 pounds plus or women weighing 165 pounds and over qualify to race in this division. Athletes in these weight ranges may still race in the Age Group division.

Team: two or three athletes compete relay-style. One athlete will swim, one will bike, and another will run. Teams will be broken up into male, female, and co-ed categories.

An athlete cannot compete as both an individual and as a team. For two person teams, one of the participants will do two of the events.


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